About the Action

Apostolic Action exists for three reasons.

First, we want to encourage all people, but especially Apostolic Christians, to be aware of what is happening in the world around them.  Many issues that are essential to Christianity are being discussed, acted on and dismissed every single day.  Sex slavery is happening.  Abortions are increasing. Christians are being persecuted.  Anti-Christian laws are being written.  All of these things are happening around the world every single day.  We want to encourage Christians to inform themselves about what is going on in connection to their faith.

Second, we want to help people engage with these issues.  Many people feel powerless – like little cogs in a really massive machine.  We want people to engage with the political process at the appropriate level.  We want people to engage with their communities in order to help resolve local issues.  We want Christians to engage other Christians through prayer, missions and coordinated efforts.

Finally, we want the Kingdom of God to expand.  The influence of God’s kingdom is not limited to the four walls of any local church.  Yet many Christians limit their own efforts to narrow and small places.  We want people to expand the kingdom of God in their local schools, in the office of their local MP, through the outreach of their local church and in the halls of Parliament.


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