Senior Christian leader helps accident victim, finds himself wrongly accused of causing fatality

An African Christian has been arrested in Mozambique on a false charge of causing a fatal accident. He is a senior mission leader within the country, who was due to be attending a continent-wide conference for church leaders which Barnabas Fund is running at present. He has been held for four nights so far, despite a promise that he was to have been released.

The leader, originally from Nigeria and working with a Nigeria-based ministry in Mozambique, was travelling by car with his wife, son and a friend on Sunday (3 July) when they witnessed a road accident and stopped to help. One of the victims of the accident was badly injured. They attended to him and then drove him to the nearest hospital. He sadly passed away soon after arriving at the hospital. The leader and his family then went to a police station to report the accident and were arrested.

The accident had been caused by a drunk Mozambican motorcyclist. But the Mozambican driver responsible told the police that the foreigners (the leader and those in his car) had caused the accident. The police preferred to believe their fellow-Mozambican rather than the Nigerians. The leader and his family were all detained. His wife and very sick son, who is suffering from typhoid, were released, while he remains in detention, falsely accused of causing the fatal accident which is a very serious offence in Mozambique. He has been told that he has to wait for a court date to stand trial.

Barnabas Fund has been made aware of this injustice because the leader should be attending right now a strategic conference for church leaders across Africa, which we are holding in Kenya this week. There are representatives from 22 African countries (excluding Mozambique, which now has no representative).

Prayer is asked for the immediate release of the senior mission leader and the dropping of all charges against him.



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