Vietnam-Praying For The Persecuted Church 2016

“I was hit everywhere, they even used electricity to shock me,” a Christian Montagnard in Vietnam told a human rights group. “The police told me if continued going to church, then the police would continue arresting me,” he said.

Many Christian Montagnards have left Vietnam and crossed into Cambodia. In Vietnam, some of them had been imprisoned and beaten. Many were forced to sign statements that they would no longer practise their faith.

Ethnic Montagnards are a mainly Christian minority who live in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. They have endured decades of from Vietnamese partly for their Christian faith and partly for their alliance with US forces during the Vietnam War (1955 Cambodia is refusing to resettle the Vietnamese fugees and instead is sending them back to nly danger awaits. More than half Vietnam, where o of Vietnam’s Christians come from ethnic minority groups, including Hmong and Montagnard.

Communist Vietnam has labelled Christianity an “evil way” religion. Churches must be registered with the authorities, but regulations introduced in 2013 have made registration practically impossible. Believers are under constant surveillance and frequently face intimidation and arbitrary arrest. undreds of Christians are being held in V prisons, where they are beaten, abused and tortured.

However, persecution ofVietnamese Christians is not restricted to the authorities ofthe one-party Communist state. Believers have also been attacked by local animists, who have driven Christians from their homes and villages.

Pray that God will protect Vietnamese Montagnards who have been sent back to their home country after they fled to Cambodia, despite the threat of persecution. Lift up in prayer those who are in unregistered house churches because of the difficulty of registering. Pray that, in their vulnerable position,they will know the protection and strength of the Lord. Ask God to be with His people who are in prison, that they may know the joy of His presence in the midst of suffering.


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