Tuesday 24

Pray for the effectiveness of Barnabas Fund’s petition on the genocide of Christians and other minorities in the Middle East. Praise God that the USHouse of Representatives voted unanimously on 15 March that Islamic State’s attacks on religious minorities constitute genocide, and the Council of Europe has also recognised that some actions of Islamic State (IS) constitute genocide. Certain members of the UK’s House of Lords wrote to Prime Minister David Cameron to urge that jihadist attacks on Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East should be classified as genocide.The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has said that she “stands ready” to begin a a genocide enquiry but needs an order from the UN Security Council. Pray that a groundswell of demands about this systematic oppression  and violence will result in international acknowledgement of a genocide and therefore effective action to help Middle Eastern Christians, Yazidis and other victims of Islamic State’s murderous activities.


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