Saturday 14

The Uganda parliament has passed a law to permit sharia finance in their country, which is approximately 15% Muslim and 85% Christian. Some Christians are concerned that this is yet another step in the Islamisation of Ugandan institution. “Given the experience of other countries, where application of Islamic sharia has caused the death of many innocent people in religious wars, Uganda should desist from inviting such anarchy. It’s not really possible for sharia law to coexist with other legal jurisdiction in a nation. Sharia compliant is not compatible with our laws,” wrote one Christian leader to Barnabas Fund, also drawing attention to 1 Peter 5:8-9. “It will be regrettable to remember that it happened at our watch while we were folding our hands.” Pray that his words will be heeded by Christians in Uganda and they will act to protect their Christian heritage and religious liberty.


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