Gunmen attack Christian-run home for the elderly in Yemen, killing 16

Six gunmen attacked a home for the elderly that was run by a Christian charity in Yemen’s southern port city Aden, on 4 March, killing 16 people.

The gunmen told the guards at the gate that they wanted to visit their mothers who were residing in the home for the elderly. Two of the attackers stayed at the gate while the four others stormed the home, which housed around 80 people. They went from room to room, handcuffing the victims and shooting them in the head.

They also killed four guards and other employees, including nurses, cleaners and a cook. One of the staff managed to survive by hiding in a storeroom refrigerator. Another employee is thought to have been abducted by the gunmen.

Last September, a church in Aden was set on fire by masked militants. Less than 0.5 % of Yemen’s population are Christian. Yemeni Christians are converts from Islam, but most of the Christians in the country are expatriate workers or Ethiopian refugees.


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