Canada participating in Barnabas Fund’s Operation Safe Havens

Barnabas Fund has added a third country to the list of those receiving persecuted Syrian and Iraqi Christians.  A young Syrian family will shortly be flying to Canada, to be welcomed by an Arab church fellowship there who will help them settle in. Barnabas Fund is contributing to the flights and basic living costs while the family get on their feet again.

Amjad and his wife Aaabir and their twin sons, Mark and Michael, come from Homs.  The boys, who will turn five on 29 March, have lived in a war situation their whole lives.  Michael was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was only three and his parents hope that in Canada they will be able to get him the medical help he desperately needs that is not available in his war-ravaged homeland.

The costs of the move to Canada have been partly covered by Amjad selling the family car and by donations from other Syrian Christians, but these did not reach the total needed.  Therefore Barnabas Fund stepped in, through our Operation Safe Havens, to provide the extra funds.

Many Christians in Syria and Iraq are desperately fleeing targeted anti-Christian violence.  But few countries will recognise their extreme vulnerability and allow them to settle.  The first two to accept specifically Christian families through Operation Safe Havens were Poland and the Czech Republic, and Canada now makes a third.


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