Sudan-Praying For The Persecuted Church

O mar al-Bashir, president 1989 has said he intends to make the country a fully Islamic state. The process has become more marked since the secession of predominantly Christian South Sudan in 2011. Although sharia law is already in force, a new constitution is expected to further limit religious freedom.

South Sudan became independent in 2011 following a 22-year-long civil war that ended in 2005, during which the South Sudanese people struggled to prevent the Islamic government of North Sudan from imposing sharia law on them. After independence, all those of Southern origin in Sudan, numbering hundreds of thousands who are mostly Christian, were stripped of their citizenship and ordered to leave. Some observers believe the authorities are attempting to completely eradicate Christians. citizens must by strict sharia law and amendments to the constitution have awarded powers. The government waging campaign against the country’s believers. Christian literature has been seized, and Christians face arbitrary arrest, gation and detention without charge. According to the law. from Islam face a death sentence, and many foreign Christian workers have been deported.

Numerous church buildings and Christian institutions have been demolished and the government has said no more permits for new church buildings will be granted. Achurch Khartoum was affected when an official committee was granted power in March 2013 to sell church lands and buildings to Muslim businessmen; some buildings were demolished as a result. These powers were thankfully returned to the rightful church committee responsible for the Khartoum church land and buildings in August 2015.

Pray for Christians in Sudan who live under sharia and with the constant threat of intimidation, harassment and arrest. Pray that they will have the strength and courage to remain firm in the faith. Pray also for an end to the government’s campaign to target the Christian minority. Thank the Lord for restoring the powers regarding land and buildings to the rightful church committee. Pray that there will be greater freedoms for Christians across Sudan to meet together and live out their faith without fear.


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