Libya-Praying For The Persecuted Church 2016

The brutality against Christians in Libya has soared since the emergence of Islamic State (IS) in the Middle East. Last year, IS filmed the executions of around 50 “followers of the cross”, 21 Egyptians in February and 30 Ethiopians in April.

There are many migrant workers living and working in Libya where they earn a higher salary to help support their families back home. Many of the migrants are Christians and while they are allowed to meet in churches, the sharp rise anti-Christian violence has forced many to leave.

Libya has become a strategic point of exit killing fields of the Middle East and many thousands have risked crossing the coun boats and then the Mediterranean overloaded boats in an attempt to reach safety on European shores.Jihadist have caught many believers route have hunted out and killed others.

Libya has been in state of turmoil since Colonel Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011 and that civil war broke out. The chaos enveloping the country has meant that around seven main Islamist militia grouping have started to use the country as a base of operation, including those affiliated to Islamic State.

Indigenous Libyan Christians are converts from Islam and are very few in number. They face enormous pressure from their families and communities to return to Islam, and must practise their Christian faith in utmost secrecy.

Lift up in prayer Libyan converts from lslam, that they will be able to stand firm in their faith and be witnesses to the love of Jesus in their daily lives. Pray for protection for the many Christian migrants living in or passing through the country, that they will not be discovered by jihadists or exploited by unscrupulous people smugglers. Pray that God will raise up leaders who will govern the country with justice and integrity so that peace and security will grow.


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