Syrian Christians in Aleppo endure terrible suffering as rockets kill and swine flu spreads

In a moving email sent to Barnabas Fund on Tuesday (19 January), Barnabas partner Dr Jany Haddad, who is based in the city of Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city, described how the death toll of the city’s Christians rises daily – partly as a result of the harsh winter conditions and in part due to continued rocket fire. Still, he praises God that no one was hurt when a church was hit by a rocket on Sunday.

On Sunday service morning at Emanuel Armenian Evangelical church, just after the general service there was a youth gathering, it was concluded just around 11.45-11.50, and the attack was just when the leader of the youth went out of the church. We are very grateful to my Lord’s protection and guidance. Otherwise, the number of deaths and wounded Christians were going to be in tens and hundreds.

Its pastor S. M. just left Aleppo to Beirut for migration to Canada and the church is left with its leaders. Our dear brother S. T. is pastoring now and preaching.

At the same day and one day before, many rockets hit our Christian society and we had seven deaths and 53 injured people.

Still as you know, the weather is getting cold more due to a windy snow storm. Still no fuel, no heating system, and since more than four months no electricity to cover some heating needs. Gas cylinders are rare and rocketing in the prices.

Daily, there are people admitted to hospitals, private and general, with H1N1 flu and daily we hear about one or two deaths. In spite the government has, generously, providing vaccine to everyone who needs it, but the epidemic is still active and spreading like crazy horse. No control. The pollution rate increasing and no control for it as well.

Barnabas is working steadily through our partner organisations on the ground to provide food, blankets, clothing, medication and fuel for heating. If you would like to find out how you can support the work of Barnabas in Syria, click here.



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