Educate parents on online safety

Parents across Scotland need to be made more aware of how best to protect their children online, a leading Christian charity said today.

CARE for Scotland pointed to the risks of sexual predators posing as teenagers to groom young people and said many parents simply do not know what their children are up to and who they are speaking to online.

The charity is calling on the government to provide a universal scheme of education for parents, to ensure they are better resourced and more aware of how to monitor and keep their children safe.

The comments come after SNP MSP Stewart Maxwell used a member’s debate at Holyrood today to call for greater consistency in online safety measures across Scotland.

CARE for Scotland National Director Stuart Weir said:

“We warmly welcome Stewart Maxwell’s desire and obvious commitment to help improve the safety of children online.

“The growth of the internet has led to a colossal amount of graphic material being all too easily accessed by children which impacts their understanding of normal sexual behaviour and relationships.

“There are numerous examples of sexting between young people and of paedophiles posing as teenagers to groom children, all of which is taking place online and parents need to be alert to these dangers.

“But a lot of young people are far more tech savvy than their parents and many parents feel as if they are constantly playing catch-up.

“The Scottish government should be encouraging better education for parents across Scotland so they are made more aware of how children can be exposed online.

“By providing online safety education for parents, you can help equip them to take a far more proactive role in providing a safer internet experience for their children.”


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