Dutch think tank: terminating pregnancy is killing a living human life

The editor of a liberal think tank magazine in the Netherlands has written an astonishing article criticising the country’s current abortion laws and saying that the termination of any pregnancy is killing a living human life.

According to Charlotte Lochefeer-Mass human life begins at conception and has value in its embryonic form and not just from 24 weeks: “The smallest embryo is valuable in itself and not only after 24 weeks, or if the individual can be considered an autonomous being.”

Lochefeer-Mass argues the pro-abortion argument that any decision to terminate a pregnancy should be down to the self-determination of the mother is unsustainable.

She goes on to say that justifying abortion because of rape cannot be done on the grounds of the mothers self-determination asking: “How does one justify evil (the crime of the rape) with another evil (ending an innocent’s person’s life)?”

She also says the fact the Netherlands allow the termination of an unborn child when he or she is most vulnerable if the mother decides she wants a termination is an “inconvenient truth”.

CARE Chief Executive Nola Leach said: “These comments are very welcome, especially the acknowledgement that every single embryo is valuable.

“Human life, from conception to a natural death has great dignity to it and I hope these remarks will help prompt a much needed change in attitude towards the unborn, not just in the Netherlands but also here in the UK.”

Lockefeer-Maas is editor of the Liberal Reveil the magazine of Prof. B.M. TeldersStichting, which is the liberal think tank of the ruling VVD party.


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