Lord McColl honoured for work to protect trafficked children

CARE is delighted that Lord McColl of Dulwich has recently been honoured by a leading child trafficking charity ECPAT UK.

Named as ECPAT UK’s “Children’s Champion of 2015” Lord McColl joins a list of dedicated individuals and teams from across law, policing and fundraising who have been recognised for their work in protecting children from exploitation.

In presenting the award Bharti Patel, CEO of ECPAT UK, said: “We are delighted to present the 2015 Children’s Champion award to Lord McColl. He has demonstrated a near unparalleled commitment to advancing the rights of child victims of trafficking in Parliament over many years, ensuring that the specific plight of exploited children did not go unheard.

CARE has worked closely with Lord McColl on issues of trafficking and sexual exploitation over many years and we gladly celebrate this recognition of his determined efforts to improve the protection for vulnerable children over such a long period of time.

CARE CEO Nola Leach said: “Lord McColl has been a tireless campaigner for exploited children and this award is very well deserved. 

“CARE is very privileged to work closely with him and his principled desire to be a witness for Christian truth in Parliament is both encouraging and inspiring.”


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