Islamist Seleka fighters kill eight Christians in Central African Republic

Armed Muslim Seleka militants attacked a camp for internally displaced people (IDPs) in Central African Republic (CAR) on 3 December, killing eight Christians and wounding one UN peacekeeper.

The attack took place in Ngakobo, around 60 km (37 miles) south of Bambari, in central CAR. Some of those who were wounded in the attack were taken to the community hospital in the capital city, Bangui, a local Christian leader told Barnabas.

“The Deputy Treasurer of the Evangelical Alliance in Central Africa has several family members who are among the victims,” said our contact.

The attackers are supporters of Ali Darras, leader of the Seleka militants in Bambari. Thousands of people have been killed since Muslim Seleka seized power of the Christian-majority country in 2013. After months of killings, raping, and looting by armed Seleka, militant anti-balaka groups emerged. Despite the fact that they misleadingly call themselves a Christian militia, CAR churches strongly condemn their violent agenda.

On 26 September this year, violence once again erupted when armed militant groups attacked a Christian-majority area of Bangui, going from house to house, shooting and beheading innocent believers in an appalling display of violence. The attacks were prompted by the discovery of a murdered Muslim motorcycle-taxi driver, although neither the motive nor the killer is known.

Elections that were due to be held in October are now slated to be held on 27 December.


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