Scottish Tories criticism of Named Person scheme welcomed

The Scottish Government’s flawed State Guardian initiative has come in for fresh criticism as the Scottish Conservatives used a debate today to denounce the Named Person scheme.

Under Scottish Government plans, from August next year every young person from zero up to the age of 18 will have a State assigned monitor.

But a range of organisations including CARE for Scotland have repeatedly called on the Scottish Government to think again.

CARE for Scotland said the Scottish Government must start dialoguing with opponents of the Named Person scheme rather than continuing to ignore the multitude of concerns raised from many different sectors in society.

CARE for Scotland Parliamentary Officer Gordon Macdonald said:

“We welcome the fact the Scottish Conservatives have so clearly expressed their opposition to the flawed state guardian plans.

“The Scottish Government needs to start a meaningful dialogue with opponents of the state guardian plans rather than simply digging their heels in and imposing it on families across Scotland.

“Many Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians are also beginning to realise the Named Person scheme in its current form just will not work.

“Evidence points to the crucial role parent’s play in the raising of children, yet the Scottish Government have ignored the concerns which have been expressed about its plans for state guardians.

“At the very least the Scottish Government must modify their plans and make sure there is an opt-out for parents who have no desire for a Named Person for any of their children.

“This scheme is supposed to help and protect children but as was argued in the debate, resources are already stretched and there is a very real danger genuinely at risk children will not get the help they need.”


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