PM has devalued stay-at-home mothers

The editor of The Conservative Woman website has said David Cameron has devalued stay-at-home mums over his decade in charge of the Conservative Party.

Reflecting on Cameron’s legacy as Prime Minister, Kathy Gyngell, the editor of The Conservative Woman said Cameron would go down as the Prime Minister who “denied babies and infants the full maternal care they need”. She said he had presided over the “institutional devaluation of motherhood”.

She goes on to reference CARE’s taxation report as an example of the burden stay-at-home mother’s face in the tax system. According to our most recent research, a single-earner married couple with two children on the average OECD wage are liable to 35 per cent more tax than the OECD average.

When the report was published, CARE boss Nola Leach said: “Stay-at-home parents are making an important investment in their children and yet at present they end up being discriminated against by our current tax system, which surely a One Nation Prime Minister cannot be content with.”

Kathy finishes by warning of a terrible price to pay in society because of the neglect of stay-at-home mothers.

You can read Kathy’s piece here.

And you can read more about our work highlighting the inequality in the tax system here.


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