A “night in pain” as Boko Haram jihadists strike two villages in Cameroon

“On the night of 17 November, two large villages…spent the night in pain”, a local church leader reports from northern Cameroon as a night-time raid by Boko Haram militants on the village of Tayere robbed Christians of their possessions and ransacked their church.”

The militants also left eight dead and caused significant damage to property and foodstuffs in the neighbouring village of Goldavi.

In the nearby town of Mora, close to the Nigerian border, the situation continues to deteriorate. People remain fearful of suicide bombers detonating their explosives in public places.

Many people living in this area of Cameroon have fled their villages and now live in refugee camps, unable to return home because of the constant threat of attack by Boko Haram insurgents. “Mass displacement of people has again taken place around Mora and Moskota” notes one church leader. He continues:

“We ask you to continue to disseminate our subjects of prayer to our brothers and sisters across the sea.”

This recent attack comes after a string of similar incidents in the area. On 22 October Boko Haram jihadists attacked a church the day after raiding a neighbouring village, maintaining their reign of terror in the region.


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