Plea from Pakistani Christians

The following is a copy of a letter asking for help from Pakistani Christians who have been reading our blog. This is an example of the persecution Christians are experiencing all over the world.

UNHCR Head quarter


Complaint Lodge against UNHCR Malaysia discrimination policy .

Dear sir,

We want to lodge complaint against UNHCR Malaysia office who has been doing severe discrimination with only Pakistani Christian asylum seekers .

We want to express my deep sorrow and concern regarding UNHCR´s treatment towards the persecuted Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Malaysia. A clear discrimination and ignorant behavior can be seen against the Pakistani Christian asylum applicants while the Muslim applicants from Syria and Myanmar are being treated in a nice way and given preference.

UNHCR Malaysia is torturing psychologically the already persecuted Pakistani Christian applicants by giving them 3 years long date for the first interview and then it takes another 2 to 3 years to determine whether to grant them the refugee status or not. All together it’s a process of 8-10 years to resettle them to the safe third countries. Just think for a while how a person with family can survive for such long period without any proper source of income? Are they discouraging us in purpose for making us leave Malaysia and go back to our home country where our lives will be at stake?

On the other hand all other asylum applicants from Syrian and Mynmyar nationals  are given the dates for few months later  after they apply. It’s a limit of discrimination but no one has authority to question UNHCR´s Malaysia office  behavior. Shouldn´t I call it dictatorship, what is inequality and differences UNHCR Malaysia office creating among applicants?

First Victim:  Mr Shahbaz Gulzar UNHCR Malaysia Reference : 05/12/2013  Passport No AB 4715122 One persecuted Christian living with family  applied asylum application in October 2013 and had been given date for 8 Oct 2015  for first  registration interview . But on date of interview  he  and his family who waited 6 hours in UNHCR Malaysia office  building got very painful information . just one staff member came from inside and said that UNHCR  office can’t accommodate my file now and he was given another date for October 2016 without any solid reason for the postponement. UNHCR Malaysia office said we only taking preferred cases of Syrian applicants . His wife started crying in UNHCR´s office and his children were very much depressed and frustrated too. He shared information that at the counter UNHCR Malaysia officer thought he is Ahmadi so they click his card on PRIORITY receipt but when he claimed he is Pakistani Christian then they discarded priority receipt. Question to be noted Are Syrian and Myanmyar  and Pakistani AHAMDIapplicants facing killing situation in Malaysia , they are safe like other asylum seekers then Why UNHCR Malaysia is preferring only Syrians and Myanmyar and Pakistani Ahmadi applicants, don’t it shows clear discrimination with other applicants?

The applicant passport will be expired in July 2016 and as UNHCR appointment card is without picture so police or immigration staff can arrest them in Malaysia easily and once he  will show expired passport along with UNHCR appointment card it will be so dangerous for him and his family but UNHCR Malaysia which is in reality shelter/protection place for persecuted people behaving like dictator or cruel king.

Second Victim: Mr Patras Masih  UNHCR Malaysia Ref: 140430203 applied on 30/04/2014 and been given date of first  registration interview on 21/03/2017.

Third Victim: Mr Shahbaz Masih Passport CS 0840941 who is of 6 members and applied their asylum on 04 March 2015 in UNHCR Malaysia office  but still not get any appointment card. First 3 months kept themselves at home but how they survive here so they started looking job but with great fear of arrest, now my point is there any burden on UNHCR Malaysia office to issue just appointment card /first registration card to applicants other than Syrians and Myanmar muslims , why they are not following UNHCR uniform fair and free policy for everyone, why only preferring Syrian and Myanmar nationals.

Fourth Victim: Veronica Agnas Passport :AB 1907722 applied UNHCR Malaysia office asylum application on 30/04/2014 and unfortunately still do not get any appointment card. Just imagine how difficulty she is facing while stay in Malaysia but UNHCR did not bother of any difficulties facing by Pakistani asylum seekers.

Fifth Victim: Tanveer  Hameed Passport no: CS 7793741 applied UNHCR Malaysia 31-12-2014 and till now not get any appointment card.

Like these few noted victims there are number of Pakistani Christians asylum seeker who are facing discriminating attitude by UNHCR Malaysia office.

UNHCR role is to protect asylum seekers whereas in Malaysia due to adopting discrimination policy they are discouraging and forcing Pakistani Christian asylum seekers applicants to leave Malaysia and go back to their home country. Its also fact  that UNHCR Malaysia office is giving top priority to Pakistani AHAMDI asylum seekers and on record they gave within 10 days registration card. It can be checked from UNHCR Malaysia office data. WHY such a big discrimination  being done by UNHCR Malaysia office  between Pakistani  AHMADI applicants and Pakistani CHRISTIAN applicants?

Please check the record data of UNHCR Malaysia office  asylum seekers from 10 Oct to 24Oct  2015 and it will be revealed that Syrian and Myanmar, Pakistani Ahmadi  applicants get how quickly first registration card whereas Pakistani Christians are not getting even appointment card  or any letter with picture that applicant applied in UNHCR Malaysia which safe them from Police/immigration  raid and if by God luck get any appointment card then wait for 2-3 years first registration interview date.

I request to IG of UNHCR HQ to please probe the matter and look the negligence of UNHCR Malaysia office because UNHCR rule is provide fair and free policy which UNHCR Malaysia office is ignoring and working against their Headquarter set policies.


Yours sincerely,




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