Syrian Christians are getting a “raw deal”, says leading Jewish Peer

Lord Weidenfeld told BBC’s HardTalk this week that Christians are discriminated against and are getting “a raw deal” in the Middle East crisis.

In a moving interview, the 96-year-old Peer revealed that he was backing Barnabas Fund’s Operation Safe Havens campaign to support persecuted Syrian and Iraqi Christians. He was subjected to repeated questions about why Christians should have any more support than Muslims. He told the BBC that Christians faced greater difficulties and persecution.

He said the motivation for his support was the action taken by Christians to help Jewish children escape the Holocaust through Kinder Transport. He himself escaped from the Nazis through the support of Christians.

Barnabas Fund’s Operations Safe Havens aims to support Syrian and Iraqi Christians caught up in conflict. Lord Weidenfeld, together with other Jewish donors, gave a generous part-contribution to Barnabas Fund’s July evacuation of more than 50 Syrian families to Poland. The majority of funds continue to be given by Barnabas Fund’s Christian supporters.

Barnabas Fund is currently in talks with eleven governments to obtain visas for those wishing to flee the conflict. We are also involved in projects on the ground in Iraq and Syria supporting those caught up in the conflict who can’t leave or wish to stay closer to their homes.


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