MSPs should hold abortion debate

One of Scotland’s largest Christian charities has welcomed the announcement made today that abortion will become a devolved matter.

CARE for Scotland said MSPs should take advantage of the opportunity to debate the issue for the first time in the Scottish Parliament.

In 1999 abortion was controversially retained as a reserved issue and subsequent polling by YouGov showed half of Scots want abortion to become a devolved matter.

Abortion is already devolved to the Northern Ireland Assembly and CARE for Scotland said it is plain constitutional sense that the matter now be devolved to the Scottish Parliament also.

CARE for Scotland National Director Dr Stuart Weir said:

“We welcome the fact abortion is to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

“Only recently MSPs debated a crucial end of life issue when the Parliament rejected assisted suicide by an overwhelming majority.

“It makes plain constitutional sense therefore for this new power to be given to Holyrood so the Parliament here has power over start of life issues as well.

“The transfer of such a major new power clearly merits a full Parliamentary debate and MSPs should take advantage of this opportunity as soon as possible.

“In recent years the Scottish Parliament has debated assisted suicide and other complicated topics and proved itself equal to the task so it makes obvious sense to debate abortion laws in Scotland following this transfer.”


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