Tanzanian convert to Christianity attacked by his brothers

A Tanzanian man who had converted from Islam to Christianity was attacked by his three brothers with a knife, leaving him seriously wounded.

Khamis Bakar Sheikh was baptised in May after he decided to leave Islam and follow Christ. He went to live with another Christian in Kiwengwa, Zanzibar, after his family members threatened to harm him.

On Friday (18 September) he returned to Nungwi, in northern Zanzibar, to collect his clothes, but once there his three brothers attacked him with knives, shouting “kafir, kafir” (a derogatory term for a non-Muslim).

Barnabas Fund partners have taken Khamis to Teule hospital in the coastal Tanga Region, on the Tanzanian mainland, a hospital that is run by the local church.

Tanzania’s Zanzibar archipelago is around 98% Muslim, but the overall population of Tanzania is approximately 60% Christian and 36% Muslim. Most of the Muslim communities on the mainland are concentrated in the coastal areas, especially near Dar es Salaam.

Muslims who convert to Islam in these Muslim-majority areas are extremely vulnerable to attack, even by their own family members. Last November in Tanga Region, a young woman from a Muslim background who had become a Christian, was beaten and badly burned by her parents after choosing to marry a Christian man. The attack came immediately after her baptism.


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