Pakistani Christians

Awais Qamar and his wife Rukhasna, like many Pakistani Christians, are illiterate. They used a PVC banner as a sleeping mat, not realising that on  it were words from Islamic with (sacred traditions, revered by Muslims almost as much as the Quran). A Muslim neighbour noticed, and soon an angry mob of Muslims had assembled, threatening to burn the family alive. Awaits, Rukhasna and her sister Rehang were publicly degraded. Their faces were blackened, the women’s hair was pulled, Awais’s head was shaved and was paraded through the village with a pair of shoes (highly insulting in Pakistani culture) hung around his neck. However, the police intervened to protect the family who have moved elsewhere for safety, and a leading local Muslim called for the family to be forgiven. Thank the Lord for these unusual responses, and pray Awais, Rukhasna and their four children, who can never return in safety to their villages. Pray that the zealous Muslims who incited the mob by using the mosque loudspeakers, probably thinking they were pleasing Allah, may come to a knowledge of the Truth.


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