A Christian Couple Were Shot Dead

A Christian couple were shot dead in Kandhamal, Orissa state, India, the place which was the centre of mass anti-Christian violence by Hindus in 2007-8 and where low-level attacks have continued sporadically ever since. Dhubaleswar and his wife had gone to the Sunday prayer meeting on 26 26 July, and afterwards set out with three others to the local hilltop, where mobile phone reception is better, to call their children in another state. The other three went down first and met some members of the paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force, who challenged them but let them go. Half an hour later gunfire was heard from the hill and the next morning some blood-stained clothes were found at the place where the couple had last bee seen and later their bodies were found. The Indian military are targeting the Naxalite-Maoist in remote tribal areas, and Christians are often “caught in the crossfire”‘ this time almost literally. Pray for an end to anti Christian violence in Kandhamal whether from radical Hindus or from the security forces.


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