Many Christians in Tanzania are facing serious harassment for trying to engage in the butchery trade, which Muslims seek to control absolutely. There is no Tanzanian law against slaughtering pigs and selling pork (a forbidden meat according to Islamic law), but when Muslims complain the authorities will often respond as if the Christians were doing sometimes illegal. In Kigoma five Christians were arrested in June just for being found in possession of pork meat. Tanzanian Muslims often claim that only they have the right to slaughter animals for meat, although this is not the case according to Tanzanian law. Yet in Geita on 18 May a Christian was arrested just engaging in butchery work, and in Kagera a man was offered the choice of paying a fine or going to jail for killing his own cow, eating part of it with his family and selling the rest. Pray that the rights and freedoms of Christians in Tanzania will be resorted.


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