Tanzanian Christians unlawfully arrested, attacked and killed for their faith

“We cannot see our people being attacked, killed, injured and arrested unlawfully – and this is becoming normal in our national daily life!” a Tanzanian Christian leader wrote to Barnabas.

In Morogoro, a city in the southern highlands of Tanzania, Cecian Peter was killed on 27 June by a group of over 50 radical Muslims who saw him carrying a Bible. And in Kigoma, western Tanzania, a Christian family was attacked while they prayed together at home on 15 June. Two people were seriously injured in the attack.

Also in Kigoma, there were attacks at a Christian funeral, apparently because the Christians had slaughtered animals for the family gathering. Despite the fact that there is no law restricting people from keeping and butchering their own animals, Christians have nevertheless been arrested in various parts of the country on these grounds.

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