Armenian Intellectuels Were Targeted For Deportation…

Armenian and other solidly Christian neighbourhoods of Aleppo suffered an unusually severe rocket attack on the night of 10 April (when many Syrian Christians were making Good Friday). At least 29 people were killed, 56 injured and seven Christian homes destroyed. Christians in Aleppo are in danger from attacks by forces within Syria but were also aware of chilling threat emanating from Turkey: ” We will show all Armenians how to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the worst year of the American and Assyrian Genocide, which peaked in 1915 when some 800,000 Armenians died. On 24 April 1915 the Armenian intellectuals and leaders were targeted for deportation and killing. Ask the Lord to protect His faithful people and pray that Christians in Aleppo will not let their hearts be troubled but will continue to trust in the Lord jesus (John 14:1).


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