Open letter to Government calling for the reduction of stakes on Fixed Odd Betting Terminals (FBOTs)

Faith groups and Anti-Gambling charities have called on Government to reduce the stakes that an individual can bet per game on FOBT machines. FOBT machines are highly addictive in nature and are often dubbed the ‘crack cocaine of gambling’, but despite this fact, individuals are still able to place high stakes on these machines and make big losses because of the way that the machines are classified.

The letter called for stakes to be reduced from £100 to just £2 per game which will not only limit big losses in a short space of time but will also remove the basis for addictive and socially destructive behaviour associated with FOBTs.

The letter also urged Government to make time for Lord Clement-Jones’s FOBT Bill, which CARE is supporting. The Bill had its First Reading on 3 June 2015, but it unclear whether the Bill will be debated further and whether these issues will be fully aired.

To read the letter please click here and find out more about CARE’s support of Lord Clement-Jones’s Bill click here


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