We need an aspirational movement that respects freedom and choice

After the tedium of the election campaign where, even on so-called ‘Woman’s’ Hour, no politician dared stray from the triumvirate of the Economy, Housing and the NHS, there followed the surprise election result, alarming for some.   I had no desire to see any one of the parties with a majority; forcing them to work together in a coalition was my ‘lesser of many evils’.  But now, as Cameron settles in, politics has moved on to scrapping over one word: Aspiration.

I wrote an article about my aspirations for the now-defunct Feminist Times ( http://www.feministtimes.com/these-women-are-not-me/) a couple of years ago. There was an ambitious project: the founders of the Feminist Times wanted to revive a journal with the spirit of 1970s icon Spare Rib. A magazine for and about the women’s liberation movement.  Charlotte Raven, editor in chief, was ambitious about her online magazine not having to ‘sell out’ to advertisers in order to pay its way.  She aspired to having a co-operative of members who would fund the ideas and articles online while taking part in real-world meet ups, debates and rallies.  Women coming together without commercial interests getting in the way.  Unfortunately in the end Feminist Times folded.  It wasn’t the right kind of ‘aspiration’ for this commercial age.

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