Don’t be complacent on assisted suicide warns CARE CEO

The CEO of one of the UK’s largest Christian charities has urged Christians to avoid complacency in the battle against repeated attempts to legalise assisted suicide.

Nola Leach of CARE drew a parallel with the 1967 Abortion Act, suggesting there was complacency amongst those who opposed abortion and pointing out that Christians and others have had to live with the consequences of that complacency ever since.

Urging Christians to avoid sleepwalking into a situation where assisted suicide becomes a sobering reality across England and Wales, Mrs Leach said the time to speak out was now.

Her comments come as the Marris assisted dying bill receives its First Reading in the House of Commons today (Wednesday June 24).

Second Reading is currently scheduled to take place on September 11th at which point there will be a vote on the legislation.

CARE CEO Nola Leach said:

“Christians have always understood that life is a gift from God and therefore it is undeniably precious.

“It is the duty of the law to protect people and to protect the value of life so legalising assisted suicide is a change to the very nature of the role of law itself.

“History gives us a very clear warning because if you think back to 1967, many people did not think legalising abortion would have the sort of disastrous consequences it has done.

“Maybe because previous attempts to legalise assisted suicide have been defeated, my concern is that if we sleepwalk into a situation where the law is changed and suddenly, people can legally end their own life and to my mind this would be a tragedy.

“If we want to see this latest attempt to change the law on assisted suicide defeated and if we are serious about protecting vulnerable people, we must shun complacency and make our voice heard now.”

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One thought on “Don’t be complacent on assisted suicide warns CARE CEO

  1. We must protect the most vulnerable in our society. It is so important to make our voices heard. Go speak to your MP about this, or write a letter and tell him about why this bill must not become Law. Ask your Pastor can you have five minutes to inform your Church they might not know this is about to be debated yet again in Parliament. Impress on them how important it is to put your faith into practice . Josh wrote the other week on his way to The Voice of Justice Rally in London that we are only STANDING FOR CHRIST when we take a STAND WHERE THE FIGHT IS. These words have stayed with me since l read them. David went to the battlefield to fight Goliath with just five pebbles will you STAND FOR CHRIST in this BATTLE for a JUST GOD.


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