South Sudanese Christians

Although Christians majority, the new nation of South Sudan has declared itself a secular state. Muslims, who are estimated at less than 10% of the total population, are given equal priority and visibility with Christians at every formal event. As the war-ravaged country’s infrastructure is rebuilt, the booming construction industry is dominated by Muslims, who also own most of the hardware stores. In Juba, the capital, three-quarters of the shops are closed on Friday afternoons because their owners have gone to pray at the mosque. Children are easily converted to Islam. Many Muslims from Kenya and Uganda are becoming South Sudanese citizens. This situation is a great disappointment to many  South Sudanese Christians who had so looked forward to a nation of their own as respite from pressures  of the strongly Islamic northern state. “The Church is unprepared and has no planned response,” commented on South Sudanese Christian leader recently. “The Church need to be enlightened, empowered and envisioned for the task.” Pray for this.


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