New assisted suicide challenge in the House of Commons

This week it was confirmed that Labour MP Rob Marris would seek to change the law and make assisted suicide legal in England and Wales.  Having been drawn in first position in last week’s Private Members’ Bill Ballot, Mr Marris announced on Tuesday that he will introduce a Bill to allow assisted suicide for mentally competent adults deemed to have less than six months to live.

The Bill will have a First Reading on 24 June and is very likely to have a Second Reading on Friday 11 September.  Although the First Reading is a mere procedural formality, the Second Reading will entail a lengthy debate on the principles of the Bill and will culminate in a vote.

This Bill – which comes just weeks after MSPs rejected an assisted suicide Bill in Scotland – represents a significant attack on the inherent dignity of human life and is a real threat to vulnerable individuals and the nature of our society as a whole.

CARE will be making every effort to oppose this latest dangerous and ill-advised attempt to change the law.  We will also continue to advocate the need to invest in high quality care for vulnerable people nearing the end of life, rather than passing laws which say their lives are not worth living.



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