Voice For Justice

Today I am going to the Voice For Justice UK rally at the Old Palace Yard. Why should anyone go to a rally?

First, Christians are in the minority in the UK. While various polls might suggest this is not the case, just go to a church on any Sunday and you will see the true reality. Many of the people who claim some kind of faith are absent. As a minority group we should stand together wherever possible. Encouraging other Christians is a biblical command.

Second, justice is something we should be concerned about. Our Lord is just and He wants justice. When we seek to promote justice we are doing the work of God. When we work to help the oppressed, the poor, the wounded and the outcasts, we are working for the cause of Christ.

Third, our enemies are active. Can we call people enemies? This may not be a politically correct way of speaking but it is certainly the truth. There are people who want to redefine morality in such a manner that Christians will be open to increasing difficulties. Just consider the case of the Ashers. Their freedom of expression and religion was oppressed by someone else’s deviant definition of sexuality. If we do not associate with Christians and work with Christians we have less and less influence. Being American, I am acquainted with America’s motto: United We Stand. Christians in the UK would do well to take this to heart.

Finally, we are only standing for Christ when we take a stand where the fight is. The religion of Christianity is under attack. The practice of Christianity is under attack. The legacy of Christianity is under attack. The future of Christianity in the UK is under attack.

Where will you stand?

Today, I choose to stand and call to Justice.


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