Action For The Persecuted

What could you do to get involved today?

You could sign up to help the Barnabas Fund. The Barnabas Fund is a Christian charity that aims to help the persecuted church. They are distinct from many charities because their work aims to benefit Christians primarily. Other people, to be sure, benefit from their involvement. However, their purpose is to help Christians who are being persecuted simply for being Christians.

From their website, here is what they do:

We seek to:

Meet both practical and spiritual needs

Encourage, strengthen and enable the existing local Church and Christian communities – so they can maintain their presence and witness rather than setting up our own structures or sending out missionaries

Tackle persecution at its root by making known the aspects of the Islamic faith and other ideologies that result in injustice and oppression of Christians and others

Inform and enable Christians in the West to respond to the growing challenge of Islam to Church, society and mission in their own countries

Facilitate global intercession for the persecuted Church by providing comprehensive prayer material

We believe:

We are called to address both religious and secular ideologies that deny full religious liberty to Christian minorities – while continuing to show God’s love to all people

In the clear Biblical teaching that Christians should treat all people of all faiths with love and compassion, even those who seek to persecute them

In the power of prayer to change people’s lives and situations, either through grace to endure or through deliverance from suffering

If you would like to support the Barnabas Fund then simply go to their website at and get started by subscribing to their email list.


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