1 in 5 Students Considered Entering the Sex Industry

According to a new report from Swansea University, just over 20% of students surveyed have considered working in the sex industry at one time.  Of the 6,773 students who completed the online questionnaire about 5% had ever actually been involved in the sex industry.

The story of student involvement in prostitution, lap dancing, pornography and other activities linked to commercialised sex is a complex one. The study found that students’ primary motivations for engaging in this industry related to generating money in a flexible way although this was not the only reason.  Interestingly although overall fewer male students responded to the survey, a higher percentage of them had been involved in the wider sex industry than of the female students in the study.

READ MORE: http://www.care.org.uk/news/latest-news/one-five-students-has-considered-entering-sex-industry?COLLCC=2930435640&


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