Action In The Church

How can you get involved and act today in order to influence the world? The answer is surprisingly simple:

You could go to church.

While this might not sound like a huge, earth-shattering step, think about what it means.

First, by your presence you are encouraging the church’s members and leaders. Everyone likes a full meeting. When you arrive in church you are signalling your interest, your involvement and your intention to help. All by itself, this is a good action. Simply going along and making people feel better about their efforts is a good outcome.

Second, your support for the church helps build up an incredibly effective organisation. The church has been a tremendous force for good during its entire existence. While the church has had unhelpful periods and episodes, it has no reason not to be proud of how it has shaped the world. William Wilbeforce, a Christian, championed the movement to abolish slavery in England. The Royal Society of London, the great scientific body in the UK, owes its existence to Theodore Haak, a committed Christian and educator. Florence Nightingale, the mother of the modern nursing profession, drew most of her inspiration from Jesus Christ. Your support for the church allows it to continue to train more and more hugely influential people.

Finally, your attendance at church could just change you. You might find your heart becoming more and more open to the work of God around the world. You might become the next William Wilbeforce, Florence Nightingale or someone even more influential.

It all starts with getting out of bed on a Sunday morning and going to church.


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