Eradication by ISIS

Islamic State (IS) is seeking to eradicate from the area it controls everyone who does not follow its brand of strict Sunni Islam.  It now seems they are trying to do this not only for the present and future but also for the past.  They are confiscating and burning any books imported into their territory of which they disapprove, including a 900-page encyclopaedia of the history of Christians in Iraq.  “Haven’t Christians suffered enough killing and displacement?  I do not know what scares terrorists about this book!” commented the Muslim publisher.  Observers comment that IS are trying to cleanse history of all Christians, Yazidis, Shias and all others who disagree with them.  Ask the Lord Jesus, who said “I am the Truth,” (John 14:6) to stop this process.  Thank Him for the many Iraqi Muslims who have affirmed the important place of Christians (the indigenous people of the land) in their society.


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