Polyamory On The Horizon

The recent revelation of a lesbian “throuple” in Massachusetts has once again brought into focus the “slippery slope” argument that came to the fore with the question of gay marriage. According to Lifesitenews.com

“…Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, founder and president of The Ruth Institute, said she was not surprised to learn of the trio:

“We have been saying for some time that once you remove the gender requirement there is no reason for marriage to be confined to only two people,” Dr. Morse told LifeSiteNews.Like the gay rights movement, the Massachusetts throuple hopes to strike a blow for polyamorous“rights.”Brynn says she hopes anyone who hears of her story will learn, “Polyfidelity is not something that is seedy or something that’s meant to be hidden away. It can be a perfectly acceptable and functional choice of life and love.”

Whether we like it or not, a whole new vocabulary is being shoved down society’s throat. Terms like “polyamory” and “polyfidelity” or “polyamorous marriage” are being seen with greater regularity. Evidently, Polyamorous “rights” applies to a whole new sub group of people whose civil right are being horrifically violated. Given the legal trends over the last decade, it’s downright difficult to envision that group marriage will not be legal in the vast majority of jurisdictions throughout America.



Article originally published on http://www.examiner.com


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