Homes and Churches Destroyed

More than 14 homes and churches have been torched and missionary centres vandalised in the area around Kaga-Bandoro, in the north-central part of the Central African Republic (CAR). Local Christians told Barnabas Fund on 17 February that many pastors fled to the town of Kaga-Bandoro, where another church was burned.

In early 2014, at the peak of the conflict, over 930,000 people were displaced.  In the attack, Fulani Muslims destroyed everything in an area of around five to thirty kilometres between Kaga-Bandoro and Wandago. Fields and property belonging to the people living in rural areas were either seized or destroyed by Fulanis.

Prior to the attack, seven people, many of them Christians, were killed in the village of Bolom, in northern CAR on 10 February after UN Burundian peacekeepers intervened in fighting between Muslim Seleka rebels and the anti-balaka militia.



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