God In Politics: Creation and Stewardship

CARE, a leading Christian charity in the UK, has produced some very good Bible Studies for individuals and small groups.  If you ever wonder about whether Christians should be involved in politics then this is the place to start.  We do not form our views based on what we want to do or what society tells us Christians should be doing.  Rather, we start at the Word of God and try, in faith, to obey what we are told to do.

Here is a small excerpt from the beginning of the first of three studies:

“What does the Bible say about politics? In one sense, very little. There’s no advice on good transport policy, no prescription as to whether health care should be provided by the State or the market, no suggestion about the best way to set interest rates…
But politics has been defined as the ‘art of living together in community’ and this is precisely what the Bible is about; what it means to be God’s people living in God’s world. Scripture sets out His vision for creation – and those inhabiting it.”

You can download the whole study for free here:



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